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History of New Egypt

New Egypt

Circa 1792

Clement Plumsted, of London, was granted 2,700 acres in 1699, which included most of the land now, called New Egypt. On the John Hill Map of Monmouth County, 1781, this tract of land was referred to as "Plumstead’s" and is the earliest known name found for New Egypt. In 1845, New Egypt, and the 40 square mile area surrounding it, was incorporated as Plumsted Township in honor of Clement Plumsted. It was once stated that all roads led to New Egypt. Until the early 1900’s this statement held true. New Egypt was once two separate settlements known as Newport and Snuff Mill. In the late 1700’s the town was called Egypt and there is no official record as to when it began to be called New Egypt. But on December 28, 1869, the name was voted to be changed from New Egypt to Oakford. In March 1870 it was changed back again to New Egypt.

Plumsted Township

Plumsted Township was incorporated in 1845. It is located centrally in New Jersey in a beautiful rural setting with nearly 40 acres of recreational fields and lakefront parks. A commitment to the Farmland Preservation Program by state, county and local officials has enhanced the preserving of Plumsted’s rural character. The recorded population from the 2010 census is 8,421 in the township. New Egypt with a 2010 census popuation of 2,512, is an unincorporated community within Plumsted Township. 

The Plumsted Township Committee is the governing body of Plumsted and New Egypt and consists of five elected members. Township offices are located in the Plumsted Township Municipal Building at 121 Evergreen Road in New Egypt. View more information about Plumsted Township at

The source of some of this information is from the book by Dorothy Mount, A Story New Egypt and Plumsted Township. You can get this book at the New Egypt Branch of the Ocean County Library.

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