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Congratulations to all the officers and committee chairs for 2000- - 2001! I am sure this year will be as good, if not better, than last. Thanks to Walt Smolyn for coming on as my co-chair. Together we will work to make your Lodge a leader in National Foundations cause. Presently we are working on updating and reformatting our pledge boards. First we need to work on this years’ Wildwood float., after which we will direct our attention to the boards.

I would like all National Foundation members to make this years payments to me by July 21, 2000. This makes my accounting of payments much easier. If you wish to make additional payments after this time, I will gladly process them. Lodge members are welcome to join the National Foundation at any time. Presently we have 32 active members. I hope to increase this by March 2001. Look for Lodge and district fundraisers in upcoming newsletters.

As always, I ask you to support Your Lodge, it’s committees and officers. As this years convention slogan says, “ELKS – A PROUD PAST, A CHALLENGING FUTURE.” Lets all be proud of our past. Let’s all work together to face the challenges of the future.

Yours in Elkdom
Mike Cowell/National Foundation Chairman

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