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Exalted Rulers Message
Jan 2001

image: Exalted Ruler

To Members,

In writing the Exalted Rulers message I feel at times that I have to reflect on the previous months, since our bulletin is only distributed once every two months.

I would like to wish each and everyone of you a belated Merry Christmas and a very safe and HEALTHY New Year!

In the month of November each of us think of Thanksgiving and also Fall Conference. Once again I say thank you to the members for sending me to represent our Lodge. The information I obtain from attending these meetings is very helpful in maintaining your Lodge and the Lodge's committees.

The final night of the Ritual was held at Hamilton Lodge. CONGRATULATIONS to the E.R. and his team of officers for a job well done. For the second year in a row Hamilton Elks will represent our district in the state finals. I am very proud of my officers and I thank each of them for the time they dedicated from their busy schedules to practice. The final scores for New Egypt were: EXALTED RULER-Mary Schoettmer, 3rd Place LEADING KNIGHT-Walt Smolyn, 2nd Place LOYAL KNIGHT-Wanda Pivo, 2nd Place LECTURING KNIGHT-Jennie Golden, 5th Place ESQUIRE-Lawrence Craver, 2nd Place CHAPLAIN-Ray Donohue, 3rd Place INNER GUARD-Al Costa, 5th Place NEW EGYPT LODGE OVERALL 3rd Place.

On November 18th the Hoop Shoot was held at the New Egypt High School. The chairperson, WANDA PIVOVARNICK did an excellent job in coordination with the High School and the children. Congratulations and trophies from the New Egypt Elks were given to each child that placed.

December 3rd was the ELKS MEMORIAL SERVICE. To each of you that attended every year, I'm sure it is very difficult for you. But I also feel that EACH OF YOU and YOUR LOVED ONE are still a very big part of this Lodge. As we all know, AN ELK IS NEVER FORGOTTEN.

Santa arrived on the 10th and this year he was accompanied by Mrs. Claus…(A.K.A. the ER) I had the BEST TIME with the children. Ages ranged from 2 weeks (Wanda & Jeff's granddaughter) to 14 years of age. Each child received a Santa bag of various toys and goodies from Mrs. Claus and enjoyed the breakfast buffet with their families. I THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. I know most of us worked the Lodge rental the evening before but a few hours of lost sleep is worth it to see the smiles and hear the laughter of happy children. THANK YOU to BRENDA CHAPMAN for designing Mrs. Claus's outfit.

HCC held their building dedication on the 17th. This committee does a fine job! The chairperson, TERRY CONK, has a GREAT CREW helping him. Keep up the good work for the kids and for ELKDOM.

If you were not present at our annual adult Lodge Christmas party, you missed out! As usual the lounge was packed. It was fun to share some laughs and relax. And more laughter while we watched those who participated in the silly games. Our Christmas baskets were delivered to those who needed a little HOLIDAY CHEER. Thanks go out to everyone who donated to help make another family smile during the holiday season.

My next bulletin will be the last one I write as ER. I foresee that it may be lengthy, so I would like to take a couple lines in this edition to say THANKS!

THANKS TO EACH OF YOU THAT HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR ANOTHER YEAR! I COULD NOT HAVE HAD A SUCCESSFUL YEAR WITHOUT ANY OF YOU! We have all worked as a team which helps to keep our Lodge going. I know it will continue in my final months as E.R. and into the new year of Elkdom. Sincerely and Fraternally,

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Mary E. Schoettmer, Exalted Ruler

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